致乐山师范学院外籍师生的倡议书 To LSNU Foreign Teachers and International Students

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Dear teachers and students,


Good wishes to everyone! 2020 was destined to be a SPECIAL year. The sudden COVID-19 epidemic and its resurgence have brought a huge impact on our work, study and life. Up to now, some of our foreign teachers and students are still stranded abroad and unable to return to university. However, our university is still committed to serving teachers and students with a high sense of responsibility and united spirit, exerting efforts to keep teaching and learning normal to some extent. LSNU herein owes all a great bit of gratitude to your support and contribution to the epidemic prevention and control as well as talent cultivation in the past year. Your continuous support and care for the development of the university are what LSNU is still looking forward to.


Teachers and students, the university has successfully concluded the semester work with your efforts and collaboration. On the coming of the winter vacation and the Chinese Spring Festival, the university has been very concerned about your work, study, life and personal safety. To thoroughly implement the Chinese government's epidemic prevention and control plan, the university has issued some suggestions as follows:


Strengthen confidence and win the battle. The COVID-19 is the common enemy of mankind that needs each effort. Please keep peaceful, optimistic and positive. Do not believe or spread rumors. Be confident and work together to win the battle.


Keep prevention and control regular and sustain health. Keep a vigilant eye on the COVID-19 by the awareness of scientific prevention. Adhere to the principles of "wearing a mask, being well-ventilated, cleaning hands often, keeping the social distance, no shaking hands, using public chopsticks". Do not leave Sichuan unless necessary and celebrate the Spring Festival locally. Do not participate in large-scale meals or group activities of more than ten people. Do not buy imported frozen food from unknown sources, and do not buy goods online from medium-and high-risk areas and overseas. Have a regular temperature test. Wear a mask and seek medical attention at the fever clinic of nearby hospitals once you have such symptoms as fever, cough, fatigue, etc., and try to avoid taking public transportation.


Keep close contact. For foreign teachers and international students who are in Leshan now, please do not leave Leshan principally. It’s requested to go through the leave formalities if you have to go out under any special circumstances. For teachers and students who are out of china, please take care in accordance with the requirements of the host country, and keep in touch with us. During the winter vacation, the university will strictly implement the access control system and the green code of the "Tianfu Health" APP. Please do not invite or accept visitors from outside. Please keep communicative with your schools and your family, no matter where you are. Pay close attention to the university information at any time, and share your health, study and life on time. In case of emergency, please contact your school or international office immediately. Due to the long winter vacation, please arrange your time reasonably.


Dear teachers and students, thank you for your understanding, support and devotion all the time! Wherever you are, what LSNU is much concerned about is the well-being of you and your family. Let us go forward hand in hand to protect ourselves and others, and hope to meet again on our beautiful campus after the release of the epidemic.




The International Office of Leshan Normal University

January 19, 2021




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